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Mainstream Media Sympathetic to Homegrown

With so many negative things being said about the adult industry, it's nice to know there are positive mainstream voices speaking about it, as well. Homegrown Video (, 20-year veteran of the amateur genre, appears to have little problem appealing to open-minded non-sex venues ranging from Newsweek to the Discovery Channel to the Canadian program, "Sex TV." Even such respected American culture mainstays as Larry King Live, HBO, Marie Clair and Cosmopolitan magazines have given the company the nod.

What is it about Homegrown that sets it apart from other adult video production companies?

During a time when many porn producers are keeping a low profile in order to avoid unwanted attention from industry-unfriendly Attorney General, John Ashcroft, Farrell Timlake's Homegrown cheerfully and shamelessly celebrates amateur enthusiasm for sex. The company has been successful at making the jump online, as well, and is currently collaborating with the inventors of the "Virtual Sex Machine." Homegrown's tapes are popular and easily accepted because, according to Stefanie Histed, Homegrown Videos' publicist, ". it looks more like fun and less like work." For many viewers, it is exactly that quality that draws them to amateur video to begin with. As society grapples with the reality of porn consumption vs. the fiction of community standards, positive presentations of the adult industry can only be an asset.

As Timlake explains, "I believe positive press is one of the industry's best defenses against government sanctions in the first place."

- Darklady



Exclusive Media Group Announces New Services

There's plenty happening at Exclusive Media Group this month. Besides the free Toon of the Day program, there are three new photo sets available, as well as a new comic series and online radio program.

  • Women's Erotica is 15 images of fine erotic art by Lauren, priced at $29.95 and designed specially for female surfers seeking quality arousal.

  • Fans of Asian illustrated erotica will be interested in the 25 image Hentai Set F. This new collection of Hentai style drawings is available for $49.95.

  • Twenty-two pen and ink tranny drawings is great whether you provide it alone or as a companion to this artist's oil works and can be purchased for $29.99.

  • The final new visual offering from Exclusive Media Group is OrgyMania, the company's newest comic. In this exclusive series, three girls and a lone man are trapped in a dimensional rift that lands them in the middle of an world where pleasure is king.

    And finally, a treat of sorts for the ear. Electra and Bestat are two good things that go together well in their new online radio program, the Off Center Show. The girls will be playing tunes, generating good times and dispensing their unique brand of wisdom starting Sundays at 7:30pm EST (4:30pm PST) on June 3rd.

    More New Content CD's From!

    Pornstars and softcore - oh, my! has four new CD-ROM content sets ready and waiting for you this week.

  • Erotic Escapes 112 presents 433 softcore outdoor images in eight sets for $300.
  • If you're looking for more softcore eye candy, check out Erotic Escapes #113. It's packed will 467 high quality photos in eight sets and is available for $350.
  • If your visitors are looking for pornstars, has two new disks full of them. Fans of Charmaine Sinclair will be pleased to know that Perfect Porn 2 features 412 different shots of the performer in nine sets. Your cost is $300.
  • Big boob fans are sure to find plenty to satisfy their craving with Perfect Porn 3, showcasing 461 shots in seven sets of enthusiastic mammary development, all for $350.

    Want a full online preview of these CD's? Just visit


    It can be difficult enough to find the right web designers, site builders, graphics experts or marketing professionals for a business. But it gets even trickier when you're dealing with adult content. Finding the right balance between competence, reliability and industry savvy can be a real challenge. Susanna and Playful of Adult Temporary Staffing have an innovative solution: an agency that specializes in tech professionals who aren't afraid of the adult I-Net.

    Response to their service has been strong from tech-heads seeking employment and so their staffing database is getting fat. Prospective employers are only charged a $25 service fee for each hire and can opt to hire short or long-term. Playful and Susanna provide follow-up contact with both employee and employer, to assure that the match is a good one for all parties involved.

    Prospective employers and those seeking positions are encouraged to visit or submit questions, comments or inquiries about advertisement to either or



    Looking for Something Off Center? A Little Crazy? A Lotta Fun?

    Announcing the Off Center Show!! Want something a little different to listen to while you work? Something a bit "off center"? Then this is the show for you! No chat room to try and keep track of, just some great tunes and zany fun!

    Your hosts Electra and Bestat will entertain you with stories, games, music and whatever else crosses their demented minds!

    What can you expect when you tune in on Sundays at 7:30 EST starting June 3rd? We can't tell you, because they don't know! Fresh, spontaneous and just for the heck of it good times.

    Hosted on the one and only the show leads right into Albumside's Oldie show hosted by the ever impetuous Dokk! So give a listen, relax and enjoy!

    AWE Comes to Atlanta!

    The next stop on the Adult Webmaster Events schedule is Atlanta, Georgia!

    Looking to spend some quality time networking with other adult webmasters and learning more about the biz? Then try on one of the AWE traveling conferences for size! We've made stops in Miami, Chicago and LA - now we're groovin' towards Atlanta!

    Seminars, workshops, tutorials and much more await you at an upcoming AWE event!

    To sign up for this event or to get more information check out

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    Graphic Design


    Cyber Wurx Update

    Spring is the perfect time for sprucing up and moving forward and Cyber Wurx is making the most of the season with service improvements that should appeal to the budget aware webmaster.

    A new site design is only the most visible beginning to the changes Cyber Wurx is making. Visit now and find an improved service order system, stats upgrade, dedicated servers beginning at $199 with set-up fees waived for current customers, $10 domain registrations, and less expensive hosting plans - with prices beginning at three dollars per gig!

    Cyber Wurx has added a new network facility with fiber connections upgradable to OC48 capacity and can mirror or host sites easily. To take advantage of these offerings, apply for a user name and password for access to the customer center by visiting

    Legal Issues:

    UN Board Sides with Playboy for Rights to Domain Name
    Courtesy of

    GENEVA - Playboy was awarded the rights to the Internet domain name, in an United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization ruling released recently.

    Playboy brought the case against the Good Samaritan Program of Owings Mills, Md., which had registered the name. Playboy said its name was being used to attract Internet traffic to Good Samaritan's sites. The U.N. organization ruled that Good Samaritan had no right to the name of Playboy's founder Hugh Hefner and ordered it transferred to the conglomerate.

    Playboy's released a statement on the matter saying that, "Playboy is one of the most recognized brands in the world, and founder Hugh Hefner is an integral part of that brand. We strongly felt that Good Samaritan Program's registration of the URL was in bad faith, used solely for the purpose of attracting traffic to Good Samaritan sites."

    Good Samaritan did not respond to the complaint and presented no evidence to the panel.

    - Heidi Pike-Johnson

    Newbeez Tipz:

    Sponsors News:

    SexTracker Releases Dialer Solution, in conjunction with its partnership program, MoneyTree, recently announced the release of a new dialer solution specifically designed for adult webmasters. Freshly out of beta testing and scoring above the company's expectations, the dialer contains a number of innovative features.

    Those who use the product will find more than 80 premium countries, the highest rates for US and UK traffic, and traffic stream customization that allows webmasters to choose between sending all, domestic or international only traffic to the dialer. Further, even when surfers join with a credit card through back windows, webmasters will still be paid.

    The Seattle, Washington based company provides free web traffic analysis tools, advertising, e-commerce, web hosting, consulting and resources for adult webmasters and maintains one of the world's largest private networks of dedicated bandwidth.

    You can learn more about SexTracker at Those interested in MoneyTree services may contact Liz Rekevics at 206-373-0374 ext. 116 or via email at


    Video News:

    Sin City Films Plays Games with Its Members

    The games people play, eh? Sin City Films knows how much folks like to play and that's why the company has joined forces with online gaming creator, XAMO (

    The cross-promotional venture allows XAMO gamers to play the graphically appealing games and win Sin City DVDs. This sort of collaborative incentive building is expected to appeal to site visitors and be profitable for all involved.

    Mark Baker, (AKA Alien), Sin City’s Webmaster, who spearheaded the deal with Derek Smout of XAMO says, "We are always open to ideas at Sin City that gives value to consumers and creates a win, win situation for everyone. It is obvious that the adult content as a whole on the internet needs to be more entertaining than constantly creating new ways to reach in a customer's wallet."

    For more information check out or

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