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  New Virtual Sex Machine, Web Girls Programs from VR Innovations
>> Virtual Reality Innovations Press Release

Sept. 25, 2002

Eric J. White, CEO of Virtual Reality Innovations, announced today the release of a new model of the Virtual Sex Machine. Virtual Reality Innovations has begun an expansion program collaborating with growing wave of Amateur Web Girls in a custom configuration of the now famous Virtual Reality Sexual Simulation system. Nikki, of, is the new-featured artist. One of the top Amateur websites and talent agencies, Nikki's World is again leading the way for Amateur web Girls. Admirers of Nikki can now have the full experience of having sex with Nikki, not just watching her live over the Web, on tapes or DVDs. Using "Nikki’s Virtual Sex Machine," users can now experience an immersive Virtual Reality Sexual Session with her at their convenience.

The Virtual Sex Machine, the world's first virtual reality sexual simulation system, is a machine that hooks up to any windows computer through the printer port. Users watch a full screen digital video on their monitors. As the action appears on the screen from the user's point of view, the machine exactly duplicates it through the simulator placed over the penis. The machine was first introduced to the public in June of 2000 at Internext in New Orleans. Since that time, an assortmentt of Digital Video Discs has been available, each with several experiences of various girls. is one of the top amateur websites with several thousand members. They offer a wide selection of live online and recorded sexual experiences with Nikki, as well as friends of hers and their sites. Nikki herself administers the site, and she has a close personal relationship with her members. This is one of the specialties of the amateur web girl. For some time, her members were looking to experience the next level of Nikki's sexuality. Now they can.

The collaboration of these two top companies in their respective fields promises a giant step forward in the promise of realistic Virtual Sex. This new program is a boon for amateur web girls as they try to rise above the flood of performers online. In a highly competitive field, Web girls now have a new tool for better interaction with their members. It's one more way for surfers to get a realistic sexual encounter without leaving the privacy and safety of their homes. Details of the Virtual Sex Machine can be seen at, and


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