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Virtual Reality Innovations Incorporated
Research & Development Facility
1620 Snyder Corner Road
Windsor, PA 17366-8466
Phone/Fax 717.417.3344
United States of America

Contact: Eric J. White, CEO/CS

January 4, 2001


Virtual Sex Machine Demonstrated in Las Vegas 

            The Virtual Sex Machine, the world’s first virtual reality sexual simulation system will be demonstrated at the Sands convention center for 3 days at the Internext convention. This is the adult industry’s convention that runs concurrently with the Consumer Electronics Show. At least 20,000 adult industry people, press and consumers are expected to attend the show. Many celebrities, including Danni Ashe, “the most downloaded woman in history,” are also expected to attend and exhibit. 

The Virtual Sex Machine was recently made available for sale, and has received several awards and acclamations from the industry. It was invented by Eric J. White, and is manufactured in the United States by Virtual Reality Innovations, a technology company in the field of Virtual Reality. PC Magazine awarded the Virtual Sex Machine its “Peripheral of the Year” award. Playboy online proclaimed “Computer controlled erotic stimulation that’s the next best thing to being there!”  

The Virtual Sex Machine attaches to almost any personal computer running Windows 95/98 with a printer port. It comes packaged in a locking aluminum case for privacy.  The machine has a massage mechanism that the user wears on his penis, which connects to a computer interface through an ordinary printer port. As the user watches an adult video presentation that is “shot” from the viewer’s perspective, the massage mechanism duplicates the action on the screen. This is achieved by a specially prepared Compact Disc that comes with the machine. The movies on the disc have a specially coded signal that communicates with the micro controller found inside the interface. The machine has 3 separate computer motor driven functions. It has a vacuum motor that varies the level of suction and tension. It has a variable speed stroking mechanism, and a variable speed stimulation device. By careful control of the signals, varies modes of sexual activity can be duplicated, simulating the act “as good as the real thing.” 

Additional information or a demonstration video can be obtained from the Virtual Reality Innovation’s website [ www.virtualsexmachine.com ] or by requesting a demo CD from ejwhite@vrinnovations.com





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