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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I Hook the machine up to my computer ?
  2. Where can I find additional virtual experiences ?
  3. Why doesn't it work with Macintosh ?
  4. Who is the inventor of the technology?
  5. Where is the Virtual Sex Machine manufactured?
  6. What about security and privacy ?
  7. How do I control the Machine?
  8. Will it work with other videos?
  9. Does it work over the Internet?
  10. Why isn't the interface USB, isn't USB better?
  11. Do I need a DVD Drive? Are the Movies DVD?

How do I hook the machine up to my computer... ?

The Virtual Sex Machine Hooks up to any standard 25 pin parallel (printer) port. Most PCs in use today are compatible and have an acceptable port. Our installation disc includes all the software and updates to make the machine run with 99.9% of computers. Certain computers may require driver updates from Microsoft or the manufacturer, but these have always been free. The machine comes with all the necessary cables and power supplies to install and operate your machine. No other equipment should be necessary.

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Where can I find additional virtual experiences ?

We currently have more than 30 experiences available on our website for purchase, with more added regularly. Any video CD or downloadable file with the  logo is compatible with the Virtual Sex Machine, and will operate it. We will continue to be a clearing house for these experiences, and will link you to many dealers in the future in addition to ourselves.

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Why doesn't it work with Macintosh?

As many of you know, Macintosh is a closed proprietary operating system. Apple ® computer controls who can create hardware and software for their machines. Without their cooperation on a product such as this, it is nearly impossible to create a machine that we can fully support. Also, from an economic standpoint, we do not feel it is currently feasible to invest the amount of money it would take to serve such a small segment of the computer industry. We prefer to focus on the majority share of users that are currently using Windows operating systems. In this way, we can concentrate a better effort to serving this clientele.

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Who is the inventor of the technology?

The Virtual Sex Machine was originally conceived by inventor and scientist Eric J. White. The company Virtual Reality Innovations was formed around the idea of developing this technology and bringing it to the world. Many distinguished engineers and scientists were involved in the construction and refinement of the technology. Because of society's prejudices, they wish to work in anonymity through the company. In this way, we can bring together some of the greatest minds in the world without fear of reprisal from their colleagues and society.

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Where is the Virtual Sex Machine manufactured?

The Virtual Sex Machine is manufactured in the United States of America, and proudly bears a notice to that effect. Pieces of the machine are manufactured in China and Canada, but the Machine is 100% engineered, assembled and packaged in the United States of America. We build the machine to rigid standards, and are quite proud of our product. It should not be confused with some inexpensive lower quality merchandise found in the adult industry. We stand behind the Virtual Sex Machine with our Warranty.

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What about security and privacy?

We are absolutely fanatical about our customer's security and privacy. All transaction with our company are processed by us, by hand. We do not automatically charge your credit card at the time of purchase. When your order is placed, you information is immediately encoded with a high level algorithm for the short transport to our secure server. From there, your information is removed from the computer networks to a stand alone physically secure computer system. There is NO outside access to this system. Your credit card is processed by hand through a manual credit card processing service. We verify your credit card against your address, and shipping address.  We do NOT use any third party credit card processors. It is a common practice of some third party credit card processors to sell or share your customer information for the purpose of further solicitations. This will NEVER happen with VRI. Under no circumstances to we sell or share your purchase information with any third person for the purpose of solicitation. None of that bulk mail will ever be traced back to us. You can buy from us with safety and security. Your credit card statement will read a charge from "Virtual Reality Innovations," and that is all.

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How do I control the Machine?

This seems to be confusing to some people. We did not include manual controls for the device for one very specific reason. The purpose of the machine is to re-create a sexual experience. The concept behind the Virtual Sex Machine is that you the viewer get to experience the action on the screen, as it happens, how it happens. It is portrayed as an actual sexual experience. Part of the attraction for the experience is the fact that you don't know what is going to happen next. You are also given pleasure without effort. You are not really in control of the situation, but are experiencing the fun without the effort. We are working on a version of the software that has override controls tucked away for those that need to have control over the experience. Stay tuned to our site for updates on this.

Will it work with other videos?

The VSM works with many videos, and more are being added regularly. Any video bearing the "Enhanced with Teledildonics" Logo will work. Look for this logo: It is your assurance that the product you are buying is 100% compatible. If you have any questions, you can always ask tech support here

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Does it work over the Internet?

The Virtual Sex Machine was originally conceived, designed and built to work over the internet as well as from a Video CD. As we progressed with the building of the technology and product, we continued to wait for the bandwidth that was promised to happen. To date, most homes are still served by dial-up connections. High speed internet access is essential to proper use of the Virtual Sex Machine. We made the decision to not offer this feature until we could assure our customers of the best quality in the product. But, when this feature is eventually turned on, no additional hardware will be needed. All versions of the Virtual Sex Machine have been "internet ready" since the product first hit the street. Keep checking back for news on this. 

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Why isn't the interface USB, isn't USB better?

The Virtual Sex Machine was built with cross platform compatibility in mind. USB is a relatively new port, and not all machines out there have it. additionally, the people that are not using Windows 98SE or above cannot have a USB Port. It is also only recently that USB was made available to Windows NT. While most people have computers that are compatible, not all do. Most computers have a printer port. Computers since 1981 have had one. USB is used in many modern applications and peripherals, because most of the modern day peripherals depend on your computer's processor to "think" for them. Don't miss-understand "new" as in USB to impart some kind of "advanced" status to accessories for your computer. The parallel port is a powerful port. Additionally, the Virtual Sex Machine has it's own Microprocessor, and doesn't depend on your computer to "think" for it. This allows for a nearly negligent load placed on your computer's processing capabilities. By not using your processor or memory, The virtual Sex Machine allows that full power to be used so your video is cleaner and smoother. This results in all around better performance on all machines. IF you have a laptop or mini PC without one, you may consider buying a refurbished XP machine, like the Dell's currently available at ECost.com. They can be purchased for as little as $99.00.

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Do I need a DVD Drive? Are the Movies DVD?

No. You DO NOT need a DVD drive. The Videos are compatible with ALL Standard CD Rom drives that are 4X or faster. (Which is almost all of them.) Again, we were seeking the ability to be compatible with all machines. We also needed special data handling capabilities to be present in the video to control your Virtual Sex Machine. We use a special proprietary video stream for this purpose. The good news is, your Video CDs are 100% compatible with Windows media player. That means they play in EVERY windows machine, and many Macintosh, UNIX, and Linux machines. This added value feature allows people without Virtual Sex Machines to enjoy our special content as well as our customers. There may also be times you want to watch one of our videos without using the machine, (We wouldn't know why) and this built in feature allows for that. This should show you that the Virtual Sex Machine was a carefully thought out product with a solid technological design. It also allows us to pull from a much larger supply of content. Since we are already compatible with your favorite website, it makes it easier to add them to our library. It should also be noted that our discs ARE compatible with many DVD players. Check your owner's manual to see if it is compatible with Video CD or Microsoft Windows Media Format.

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