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The Research Organization

Virtual Reality Innovations, or VRI, as we call it, is a group of distinguished engineers and scientists, working toward the goal of effective virtual reality sexual simulation technology. Because of the nature of the work, and society's prejudices, the members of the group remain secret, with the exception of the founder and a handful of core scientists. The group was founded by Eric J. White in 1985. Initially, we were in the video technology business, and in the early 90's moved into the computer Virtual Reality field. This started with a bulletin board service, and early predecessor to the modern internet, and with the growth of the commercial internet, moved to the world wide web in 1995. This project, The Virtual Sex Machine, was started in June of 1996, and has developed and changed with the technology along the way. 

The Vision

The vision was always the same; to achieve a sexually gratifying experience without a physical partner through the use of a computer. The male sex drive is a finicky thing, and satisfaction when a man wants it, and as frequently as a man wants it, has always been a problem. In addition, when couples are seeking to conceive, the timing and performance of the act of intercourse has often been a source of frustration for couples. We address this issue as well as the various forms of male sexual dysfunction treatment. 

Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction

With Male sexual dysfunction being a sensitive and hot topic, we thought it possible to offer some solutions that might be better than a pill. With inspiration from brilliant research being done in Europe, we have found an inexpensive and cost effective way to begin the treatment of premature ejaculation. By creating a realistic experience, and increasing the length of time between excitation and climax, men can work on their performance level in the privacy of their own home without the embarrassment of public, private, or clinical exposure. While treatment of this nature should always be under the advice of, and monitored by a physician, we think we have found a way to save this embarrassing  and ages old problem.

Artificial Insemination

Another use of our technology might be employed in the artificial insemination industry. By using a collection vessel with our machine, men can easily and effortlessly collect a sample of their semen for later insemination of the partner of their choice. We are quietly discussing this with several clinics as an alternative to the "paper cup and magazines" that they are using now. Not only does is our method more effective, it is also more enjoyable. Tests have shown that the quality and quantity of sperm collected through the use of a simulated environment are increased. Using a machine and Virtual Experience like our machine provides also reduces the embarrassment factor for men in this procedure. Being such an uncomfortable subject for men, the medical field has always approached this is a very clinical matter. As many films, stories, and jokes indicate, this is quite an embarrassing matter for men. We hope that we have made this a bit simpler and more palatable for them. In addition, being a medical procedure, the cost has also been quite high for the people involved in these procedures. We have also created a device that can be used over and over again, at less then the cost of the initial consultation in many cases. 

Technology Advancement

 With the rapid advance of computer technology, we have upgraded the delivery method several times. Now, with the support and expansion of the Microsoft Windows Media Player, we can now reach more than 90% of the computer owners in the world. With our partnering arrangements with the top video content producers in the adult industry, we can now offer the finest quality media with the finest quality virtual sexual sensations ever. We are committed to creating quality VR products, and strive to use the best and most advanced materials available to create an exhilarating experience for the user. We have had the same dreams and desires that every computer user has had, and we have worked hard to bring them to reality. We are quite serious. We are proud of our work, and assure you that we are not in the "gadget" business. We make quality equipment, tried and tested, so that we can offer exceptional quality at a reasonable price within the reach of the average computer owner. Our products are tested, re-tested, and tested again before they leave our facility. 

This is our vision, this is our goal. You have my word, as well as the promise of all in the Research group that we will do our best to provide qualitative, safe, and pleasurable products and experiences. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Eric J. White



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