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Content Producers, Web Girls, Movie Makers

    Are you a content producer? Or, perhaps, you own the rights to video content? Well, if you are either, we are paying top dollar in the industry to include it for use with the Virtual Sex Machine. 
    As an owner of content, you know you have many revenue streams available to you. You have the conventional means of Film and video release. DVD was added, and gave you an additional medium to work through. The beauty of this, was, preparing your content for DVD also prepared it for to use on the internet by making it digital content. Now, with the internet, the world has opened up again. You are able to re-release your video content as streaming media, either as individual purchases, or as a part of a membership program. The beauty of this is it's fast and costs little. You merely have to take your digital content, (or converted composite,) and port it through one of the automatic streaming encoder software packages. Bingo! -now you have a way to sell it again.

    Now, Virtual Reality Innovations brings you yet another revenue stream. we have invented this new technology, and this new environment for entertainment. Not only that, but we are presenting you with a new way to profit from our years of work. 

What does it take on your part? Nothing but the desire to make more money. 


What can you earn? For our use alone, you can earn more than you usually earn from any >one< of the other conventional methods you may now be using. 


What's it gonna cost you? NOTHING. Absolutely no out of pocket expenses on your part. You provide the content, we do the rest. (A little like the original Kodak slogan of "You push the button, we do the rest.")


Interested in Branding your Starlet? Check out the Virtual Sex Machine Private Label Program here. It offers all the benefits of the this content program PLUS the ability to license a private version of the VSM for sale to your customer base.

   All we ask of you is the exclusive rights to use for Virtual Reality of your content. Since we are the only company offering this use, it certainly shouldn't be much of a decision. We have created the need, created a built in customer base, created the opportunity, and created a high paying, no risk method for you to earn money and publicity from it. What better way to differentiate your company, content and website from the rest of the growing crowd? Be tied to the new and exciting high technology of the future. We are that new technology, and the new opportunity.  Don't miss your chance to be a part of it. Contact us today by filling out the form here.



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