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Our Warranty

    We want you to have a working unit, for years to come. We have many plans for add-ons, expansions, and content delivery options for the future. The Virtual Sex Machine has been designed to fit 99% of the men in the world.
However, we know there are extremes out there. While unusually small men will fit with little difference in performance, unusually large men may have a problem. If your penis is larger than 2 inches/5.08 Centimeters in Diameter (6.34 inches/16.1 centimeters in circumference),  we cannot accommodate you at this time. Length is not usually a problem, the only difference, is, if you exceed the length of the stroking sheath  (9.1 inches/24 centimeters), you may not have your entire penis  inside the machine. While this may initially sound like a shortcoming (no pun intended), it's not. The machine was designed to simulate a real world sexual experience. As you have no doubt noticed in real life, the "real" thing is often the same. we also have future add on "enhancement" planned for the base of the penis that requires a portion of the penis to be outside the stroking sheath, but engulfed in something else.

Warranty Information

We are extremely proud of our product, and have built it for years of enjoyment in mind. Many products in this industry seem to be of questionable quality, and rarely carry a warranty.

This One Does !- The details of the warranty are as follows:

Interface: The Computer interface box carries a 3 year limited warranty. Under normal use, we will repair or replace at our option, if it ever fails to work as per its intended use, under normal operation. Intentional tampering, physical damage, or other intentional damage voids this warranty.

Massage Mechanism: The penis chamber has been designed for durability and efficient operation. If it fails to operate in the first  year, the cost of the parts is completely covered by us. We repair the unit with no charge for the labor in the first 90 days. After the initial 90 days, we will repair or replace the unit for a labor charge of $55.00 USD in the first year. After the first year, or if it has been "abused," the repair cost will be based on what's wrong. We will give you the amount before charging for the work. In any case, you must contact us for an RMA#  which MUST appear on the shipping Label. Units shipped to us without this number will be refused and returned at your cost. We will not be held accountable for this. Units "dropped off" by carriers will be destroyed without opening. When returning the unit for repair, it must be cleaned and sterilized before shipment. This is accomplished by cleaning the unit as instructed in the manual, and then rinsing it with isopropyl alcohol. This is for your protection as well as ours. Under no circumstances, should you ship the inner red "sexual skin ™" inner cylinder with your repair. This part cannot be repaired, and is designed to be replaced after extended use. It is also the part that contacts your body fluids with normal usage. It should NEVER be shipped after the inner bag seal is broken. When we work on your unit, we work in a semi-sterile environment with latex surgical gloves for your protection and ours. If you are aware of any venereal disease,  or you are suffering the effects of AIDS, or any other communicable disease, please contact us for alternate replacement options.  DO NOT SHIP US YOUR UNIT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. It is a violation of  Health Codes, and is dangerous.

Cables: All cables, connectors, and power supply carry a one year replacement warranty.

All repairs should be sent post-paid to our facility. If under warranty, we will pay the return shipping to anywhere in the world. If out of warranty, please include $22 USD to cover return shipping in the United States. Outside the USA, please email us for actual return costs.

Send RMA Repairs to:

Virtual Reality Innovations
Repair Department, Building C
108 N 2ND ST
Wrightsville, Pennsylvania 17368-1302
United States of America

Be sure to include your name and return address.
For warranty repairs, please include a copy of the invoice if available.




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