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Private Label

   A custom version of the Virtual Sex Machine, branded to your Starlet, is the way to additional profits and exposure. Now, I’m sure you have a dedicated following. One of the ways Stars in our business make a name for themselves is to have products with their name/image on it promoting them and their sites. This gives great name recognition, and gives you the illusion of being a larger star than you may be. Now you can sell a custom version of the Virtual Sex Machine. Additionally, if you want, you can have the exclusive right to sell your brand of Virtual Sex Machine. When we make your Video CD, it is geared toward getting viewers to your site. Your machine is still 100% compatible with all other versions of the Virtual Sex Machine, so your customers can get other content if they wish.

 Now, the bottom line. How much do you make? Well, first of all, you still get your content Fee for each disc. (every time a disc of yours sells anywhere, you get that fee, forever) In addition, You get paid for each machine sold. we have a payout scale for affiliates based on the number of units sold.  You START at double the normal rate. You get paid for the first unit and it rises from there. Also, once achieving the next payout level, you stay there. No “Resets,” no catches, no nonsense.


 So now, what does this program cost you? How much to get involved? $-0-. That’s right, this one is FREE too. In any of these situations, your only cost is producing the content. Since you are already doing this, and you can use the content for other purposes, the effective price is nothing.

 What is the future for Virtual reality sex? The future is happening NOW. Today, with he use of the Virtual Sex Machine, you can have safe private sex with the partner of your choice. Using this exciting new technology, you can reach out and touch your clients. This breeds loyalty and dependence on your services. This will result in a higher retention rate for members, and more interest for new members. While there is a myriad of “Web Girl” sites out there, there are few that feature the Virtual Sex Machine. The number of NEW web girl sites is growing in leaps and bounds. While today you may be competing with just a few thousand sites, tomorrow it will be tens or hundreds of thousands as the barriers of technology fall. The only way to get an edge on the competition is to be current with the new technologies and offering your clients something new and exciting. The public is fickle, and is easy diverted. You need a technology like the Virtual Sex Machine to retain your current customers, and to add another level of interest for potential customers.

 The Virtual Sex Machine was designed with the future and expansion in mind. It was designed as a plug updateable penis-manipulating machine. As technology increases, and we develop more and more realistic devices, your clients have merely to plug them into their existing interfaces and they will work. We have add-ons for extra stimulation and specific adapters for the various fetishes now available and in development. As a merchandiser, this not only earns you money on the initial sale, but also continues to pay you, as the client needs more and more video material. He will also want to buy more attachments, and experience new and exciting areas of their sexuality. All of these things lead right back to your revenue stream.

 We are poised to begin live sessions, and when the bandwidth is available for a quality presentation, you will be able to earn by the minute for a one on one sexual experience with your client. All of these technologies are built into the base model of the Virtual Sex Machine. It’s simply a matter of turning them on.

 The best part of this is, you can get involved at no cost to yourself! We handle all the up front work, and production of the Enhanced with Teledildonics signal. All you have to do is provide the content. Even better, we don’t require exclusive license to your content. In fact, we encourage the promotion of your content in other mediums and revenue streams. It’s like getting paid twice for the same job! We only ask for the Virtual Reality use of the content. Don't wait.......contact us TODAY. Email us, and we'll arrange all the details at your convenience!




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