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Virtual Sex Volume 1

How about a nice Sammy Smack? All about Sammy:
Long soft blonde hair, big bright blue eyes, 4'9" tall (yeah, I'm a giant :-),
34 DD boobies, size 3 or 5 jeans (depends on the brand), size 3 feet.

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owners, Add Sammy to your selection of Virtual Sex partners You must have Java Installed to order this way! Please email otherwise.
$39.69 + S&H
New Customer- Get the Virtual Sex Machine with Sammy  for FREE!
(You receive the Sammy4U Movies in place of Amateurs Volume 1.)
Please use a Java enabled Browser. Get it at Java.com if needed.
$439.69 + S&H
New Customer- Get the Virtual Sex Machine Featuring Sammy  for FREE with the case!
$499.69 + S&H



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