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Terms and Conditions

    The VSM is sold for primarily Entertainment, and for your enjoyment of  a Virtual Reality Experience. Virtual Reality Innovations (Hereafter referred to as VRI) , has done a great deal of research and experimentation to bring you the best possible experience with today's technology at a reasonable price.  It has not been approved by the FDA as a medical device, and should not be relied upon as the only type of treatment for sexual dysfunction. Despite reports claiming this device or similar devices can enlarge your penis, or give you greater longevity, during sex, we make no such guarantee without FDA approval to support this. We are researching its use for the treatment of premature ejaculation, but our tests are still not complete. Use it for this purpose only under a physician's advice. In certain states, you may be able to purchase the VSM for this use only. It is up to the client to determine the legality of this device in your local jurisdiction. Purchase of the machine confirms your willingness to take this responsibility and hold Virtual Reality Innovations, it's distributors and dealers harmless from prosecution on this basis. Before considering purchase, you should check with your physician to see if this device could in any way affect your sexual ability or performance. It has been suggested by some that over time people may prefer the use of devices like this to actual sex with another person. If you feel you may be susceptible, we urge you to give this serious consideration. We cannot guarantee that anyone will reach sexual gratification with our product. Despite current test results, we also cannot guarantee that the unit will cure any sexual dysfunction. In certain parts of the United States, and indeed the World, devices and content of this type may be illegal to own, possess, or attempt to purchase. You should check with your attorney or legal council before purchasing. Under no conditions will VRI be held liable for a purchase made by you that is in violation of your local laws. You agree to hold VRI Harmless from prosecution in these matters.  It is VRI's choice to sell or not to sell a device to anyone, based on VRI's sole discretion, to anyone or any organization that VRI feels may be inappropriate. Anyone purchasing the VSM  agrees to keep the unit and all parts safe from exposure to any minor or other inappropriate person. Any attempt to use this device for, or with underage content or persons is illegal. VRI will not support or condone this, and will help prosecute offenses of this type. This machine was designed for, and intended to be used for consenting adults. The software and firmware are given for use only under license, which may be revoked at any time for violations of usage. Anyone purchasing the VSM agrees not to decompile, disassemble or otherwise reverse engineer any portion of the VSM or the software, firmware or hardware, or engage anyone else to do so. This agreement is subject to modification at any time by VRI without notification. Purchasers of the VSM agree to regularly check this page for modification, and agree to be bound by this. The VSM has been tested thoroughly and is found t o work on every windows 95, 98, and 98SE installation tested with the necessary software upgrades. These upgrades are provided with the product or are free from the respective manufacturers' websites. It does not Work on Macintosh, Unix, Oracle, or other non PC based Windows systems. It also works on every version of Windows XP, NT, 2000, and XP Pro tested. All computers must have a standard parallel port  in order to operate the VSM. Other software may interfere with the proper use of our software and hardware, and we make no claim to be compatible with every PC and software configuration. Our software and Hardware adhere to the PC Standards set forth by the governing standards association. Our tests show that every standard PC configuration  tested by us works. While this is not every configuration, it was a large sampling. We do guarantee it will work with all current "virgin" Windows operating systems and hardware meeting the appropriate international standards. If you would like a pre installation test, please let us know. We cannot accept returns for these reasons. Cancelled orders  incur a cancellation/restocking fee which  varies, depending on order process. Please ask for details. The VSM is a personal product and because of current health regulations, returns cannot be accepted. We guarantee that the machine and interface are 100% functional. If defective in some way, we will repair or replace the unit under the terms of our very comprehensive warranty.  Please ask before purchase if you have questions about this policy or read about our reasons for this policy. You must agree to these terms before you will be able to purchase the system. Please save a copy of this agreement, as your completion of the transaction acknowledges your acceptance.

VRI is not a movie production company. Purchasers understand that VRI uses content created by other studios for the audio and video portions of the Virtual Reality experience. This is combined with VRI's exclusive coded content, which always remains the sole property of VRI. At no time does ownership of that content pass to any other party. The VSM, and technology that defines it is a patent pending technology exclusively licensed to VRI. All Hardware, Software and Firmware code are copyrighted properties of VRI, and may not be duplicated without express written permission anywhere on planet earth, or aboard any existing space stations. 

VRI takes fraud seriously. Be advised, anyone attempting to purchase anything from VRI by fraudulent means will be prosecuted. It is our policy to cooperate with authorities on all matters of fraud, or attempted fraud. By the same note, we take our client's privacy seriously, and believe strongly in the United States Constitution and your Constitutional rights. We will defend them to the best of our ability in connection with the VSM.

This agreement is a non-exclusive set of terms. It IS subject to regular modification. It is your responsibility to check this policy for current terms of usage. Please check back here before you make your purchase, if you are not purchasing today.


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